colors are brighter when the mind is open

-Adriana Alarcon

paint the web

what's used for?

We support those who have difficulty viewing the web. Use to create website colors that are more easy on the eyes.

A/B Testing allows you to easily demonstrate your brand’s color palette update, without the costs and delay of design. Let us power your proof of concept.

Color Metrics

Curious which shade of red is most popular the week before Valentine’s day? Subscribe to color metrics to track color trends around the world and across the web.


At, we are strong supporters of growing young minds. Sign up for our color metrics with an .edu email address and get 6 months of premium color metrics for free.

About US

100% free. No sign-up required, ever.
point. click. paint.

Built for accessibility, designed for simplicity, easy to use. is free to the world forever, guaranteed. Install our tray and customize any website with one click, it's actually that easy. All of the colors you will find in are generated by users like you. You will always see trending, popular and new colors in your tray alongside those you have created yourself. How do you add a color? Click the droplet. Choose your colors. Click the droplet again.

  • One click paint
  • User generated content
  • Accessibility
  • Color Trends

Our Team

Great ideas start with a great team
Marketing, Web Development
Jamin brings years of professional web development experience to and is the large head behind the original product concept. Starting out as the engineer-for-everything, he eventually convinced Zach and Kevin to join the team. A man of design, marketing and web: if there’s a way to make it work, he will find it.
Software Engineer, Data Aggregator
Zach is a founding member of who brought much needed server-side experience and skills. He has developed our analytics API and masterminded our delicate tray database. Without Zach, would have been a dream turned nightmare.
Server Administrator, Software Engineer
Kevin is the newest member of, but the most experienced. He brings server administration, security and math skills to the team. He monitors and maintains our entire server farm and is leading the optimization efforts for our core product. Want to chit-chat in binary? Call Kevin.


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