v0.38.4 Available Soon

The long awaited official release of v0.38.4 is almost here. Check our extensions page on 6/1/15 to download the use the latest and greatest version. This release includes a much improved color sifter, background-image replacement, improved user interface, and user generated content.

What’s next?
As the enfu.se team works toward the official world release on 7/26/15, there are many systems to finish and features to work in. The next major release v.4 will include improved performance, stabilized color applicators, and the beginning of color metrics. After V.4 designers and color theorists of the world will start to have access to granular color usage information. Curious which colors the world prefers when viewing google.com on Tuesday afternoon in Indiana? Or, how many users prefer facebook.com in red and green during the Christmas season? We don’t know the answers yet, but we cannot wait to find out!